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Hafisah: Coupons as Art

Participants can use station cards to record interactivity
Hafisah Station Cards

Hafisah: Coupons as Art is a gamified mechanic used at the Lionsforge booth for the Makers Faire 2019. Visitors were meant to complete eight stations around the booth and collect the stamps at each station. The station cards were surrendered at the last station where the visitors were to submit a feedback form in exchange for retail coupons.

The visitors were mainly students and parents in lieu of students. Parents or fellow classmates often coached the participant submitting the form. Most participants needed verbal instructions on top of clear instructions on the station cards and the form. It took a long time to give a few winners their coupons due to some technical issues.

Having an artwork performed as a on-ground campaign for a fair was leaning away from the definition of art. Having established a suspicious form of currency and exchange (coupons peddled for interaction) was a very challenging method. The parent-child and teacher-student dynamics between the participants and the promise of a coupon had solely transnational affect on the artwork. Answers on the forms were often forced. This was entirely subverting the practice of participatory art which often encourages focus on relationships and hospitality.

Anonymised Data of the submitted forms will be published soon.

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