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Between the Devil and the Sea

Between the Devil and the Sea User
User of the Mobile Application

Between the Devil and the Sea is a mobile application that was exhibited at the Substation for the show Rules of Engagement curated by Amelia Abdullahsani and Merryn Trevethan and later at Coda Culture's 2020 Show. Users were to key in demographic information such as their age and race. They were then asked to perform a task with another person.

The tasks will be based on the demographic information of the players. Most of them did not finish this game. This artwork did not have any human to host the experience unlike Art Sweatshop or a Hand for a Hand. Some users tried to fulfill the task when they are policed by other gallery visitors.

This work was less uncomfortable for the users than in other artworks such as a Hand for a Hand as no one was telling them what to do or not do. Only the mobile application was the source of information and instructions.

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