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A Hand for a Hand: a Two-Player Game

A Hand for a Hand Installation

A Hand for a Hand was a two-player game that was performed at 51 Waterloo Street on July 2019 for the Fourth Wuwei Performance Series. Two players were invited by the game master, Sonia Kwek. Player One was to spin the wheel of tasks. Player Two was to perform the task for Player One (paint a finger nail, give a massage, sing a song, for example) for one minute. The roles were reversed on the next round. After each game, both players were to give feedback on each other.

Most players did not know each other. The games were uncomfortable for the players due to the nature of the tasks and the length of the game. One minute was too long for most of them to be serving the other player. Unlike the artwork, Hafisah: Coupons as Art, the institution of currency was less conspicuous than the exchange between two players. The physicality of some of the tasks were demanding despite the provision of boiler suits and gloves.

A Hand for a Hand Installation

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